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What we believe

Delivering qualitative and not quantitative service is our motto. We bank upon maintaining the trust,

integrity and commitment while providing them customization.


Kooky coder was founded in the year 2012. It gradually began providing high end solutions for every complex problem. A proper and devised training helped all in gaining proficiency in their field. After gaining handful experience, we step further for recruitment, IT and software services. Trusted by clients, our business started flourishing in all the corners of the world. We ensure successful retention and transfer of clients ‘process knowledge amongst our team members.

What we believe

We believe concretely in exposing new updated version of websites and
applications to our clients in various packages. Delivering qualitative and
not quantitative service is our motto. We bank upon maintaining the trust,
integrity and commitment while providing them customisation.

What are our doctrines ?

Respect and discipline towards the assigned task is our primal duty. We
recognize the need of the clients and delivers the same managing the
timely process.

Who We Are?

Kooky coder is specialised in building the concrete software, mobile applications and of course website development. It a web solution provider in multi-dimensional IT services such as designing solutions, Hi end internet strategy solutions ( CRM, ERP ). We are penetrating into Digital marketing services (PPC, SEM, SEO) for corporation across the world.

What we do?

Kooky coder understand the needs of their clients and delivers in same manner as the king wants. We acts as your consort who personally indulge in maintaining the trust and credibility with their clients and colleagues. Our foremost objective is to satisfy the client with quality and timely services at their pocket friendly packages.

Why Choose Us?

Experience is the teacher of all things. Your company Kooky coder is established on the grounds of tough experience by working with maven companies. Our aim is not only to deliver the best and prominent services to our clients but also to safeguard them with guaranteed and effective solutions.


Vishal Gosai



Vishal Gosai is an Indian business magnate, technical developer, investor, philanthropist, humanitarian and principal founder of Kooky coder. During his career, he worked with numerous specialized companies to gain proficiency in his work. He possess the oarsmanship in implementing any softjkware or application that his clients want.

He governs the technical designs, security, coding conventions, framework adoption, technology, and network and infrastructure implementation. Kooky Coder delivers specialisation through the mechanisms and frameworks established by him.

According to him design website or making software or mobile application development is not just business but it’s truly passion.

Mr Vishal Gosai believes “ Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”


Jigar Gosai is an Indian Entrepreneur, and Computer programmer. He is the co-founder of Kooky Coder, a software building device. He is known as the pioneer for building mobile applications and web development.

Mr Jigar Gosai believes “Quality is when clients come and not the product.”


Jigar Gosai


We recognize their efforts

Karishma Patel

Delivery Manager

She is handling the development team and monitoring their activities in delivering the timely services to their recognised clients. Apart from this, she aims at obliterating all the obstacles along with fair to middling solutions.

Jignesh Patel

Project Manager

He manages the software and web development projects and aims at providing the best outcomes from the projects and delivers satisfaction to our trusted clients with higher values.

Sagar Sapariya

WordPress Team lead

He is the best and right person in developing and designing the integration. He provides best and optimal solution for every technical problem. He manages the wordpress aacounts and its reach.

Jaimin Gosai

System Admin

He is assigned the task of installing and configurating the system, constant check for regular updates, handling the hardware and software systems and performed the backup and recovery task.

Nidhi Jain

Content Writer

She produces a wide variety of content for the Web, from articles and reviews to application scripts. She often make her own schedules, and work odd hours to meet the demands of multiple clients.

Nirav Sureliya


He focuses majorly on developing the websites, softwares and mobile applications. He performs the task of building and developing the customised websites and apps for their loyal clients.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work