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API integration

In a world where technologies are blooming at a breakneck, online presence has really become inevitable. Your online presence can save your profits and revenue from getting eroded.


Also, online presence is not the only demanding thing. You need to set up online payment systems to get connected to your spectrum of clients and customers even at the global platform.


Payment gateways often provide the customers the required ease of transaction and it is easier to come back to the website again and again and shop unlimited when such a system is present.

In case of traditional payment acceptance, you require to remember to batch items at the end of the day which is not there in a payment gateway. But now due augmentation of technology, it has become single-handed to integrate payment gateway such as PayPal, Stripe, Infusion Soft, Mail Chimp and PAYTM to do the needful.


A payment gateway often provide you security towards your transactions. You can pay and exit just within no time and get a message delivered when successfully done.


The process takes lesser time and it is not required to enter payment information again and again in case of recurring payment.


Once the customer chooses to pay every month to the website, the gateway records the billing information and deducts the money on the particular date every month. So, you don’t require checking the details again and again and the customers get the convenience of payment. You will just receive an email every month when the card is billed.

Kooky Coder provides payment gateway integration to the websites from the following providers:



Infusion Soft

Mail Chimp


There are multiple benefits of offering Payment Gateway integration to our clients. We pride ourselves as one of such companies and we offer business solutions in this regard to ease customer’s satisfaction as a prime task.

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