Willingness to Serve

Kooky charity is always willing to help those who are really in need.
We believe, if such a small gesture of help can add a smile to their face, then that’s a big success for Kooky Charity.


“Giving is not just about making a donation,

It is about making a difference.”


Kooky charity performed the serene act of charity by distributing
school bags to all the needy and destitute children. We started this
novel act from our neighbouring area and distributed with intense
care and love. A little respect and acknowledgement motivates them
to study and stand on their own feet.


We begin this charity from home with an aim of never ending it.
Now, gracefully this multiplied into numbers gradually in their
journey of charity.

Kooky Charity reaches at school

Kooky Charity has extended their helping hands with the blessings of
god. We have reached at the schools and personally distributed
stationary items to the students with an inspirational teaching of
“Learn. Earn. Share.”


We begin this serene act with 25 children which now increased to
500+ in number. Our next target is to reach 1, 00,000+. We focused
those schools where children are really in need and there is no
support from any outside parties.

You want to join with our charity? Please contact.