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Why Your Website is Losing Attention and How to prevent it?

Why Your Website is Losing Attention and How to prevent it?


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Are you losing out visitors to your website? Your business site is not getting enough attention?

You might be perplexed because once you had an excellent ranking that was generating leads, emails, phone calls, emails, and sales.

But suddenly your website lost all charm and traffic.

You don’t need to panic because a web development company, Kooky Coder can definitely drag you out safely.


The reasons why your website could lose attention?


1. Your design is outdated


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Every book is judged by its cover, its true for even for websites. Visitors do not tend to stay on a website that has old design format.

As a solution, you can opt for a face-lift from a professional website design company. (You can contact us 97233 13311 or Email us at )

These days there is no space for basic HTML designs, you need to implement the best knowledge to design an appealing and technically strong website.


2. Annoyance of constant Popups:


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We know that ad promoting and cookies are old but beneficial activity.

But if you want to bombard your visitors with pop-ups then none wants to stay even for a jiffy.

The sooner you show the pop-up, the sooner they will go.

Researchers claim that an individual can tolerate your pop-ups only for 30-60 seconds and not more.




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3. Video-only home pages:


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The use of video to explain what the company does, or to talk about specific products and services, is another growing trend, particularly among startups.

Videos speak louder that the content. Visitors spend quality time in watching and learning from videos rather than reading those long stretched content.

This is further increase the average dwelling time of visitors, and inclination in your Google search ranking.


4. Boring vs. unprofessional:


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Some sites have no verve, no personality, no professional designing and are uniformly sluggish.

They lack professional content while impede the website in connecting with the visitors.

Who would like to approach those companies whose website is yet not professional? We can’t rely on them. Brand personality matters on your website and in your marketing campaigns.

Thus professionalism often adds value to your services and give momentum to your business.


5. Contrast fail:


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Poor colour combinations can make it difficult to read text.

Just image yellow background will orange coloured text. Isn’t that your site looking quite geek and nerd?

And when you cannot even read something, then there’s really no little point in hanging around.

There are no hard-and-fast rules about which fonts to use and which to avoid — except you should never, ever use Comic Sans. Instead, stick to high-contrast color for best results.


6. Navigation is unclear


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Not only is unclear navigation bad for your on-site user experience, it’s bad for your SEO as well.

The golden rule of navigation is: Think through your site’s setup as if you were your own customer.

If you were totally new to your website, how would you expect to find the information organized?

What steps would you take to find the information that’ll answer your questions?







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