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Outlandish Web Design Trends 2019

Outlandish Web Design Trends 2019


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WEB DESIGN TRENDS is what we call “when your mind adds creativity to the visual aids into website”.

These Web designs are now augmenting expeditiously.

They aren’t just a technical format but the integral element to increase your dwelling time.

Let’s dive deep to the website trends that can knock our socks off, blew our minds, and took our breath away.


1. The Rise of CSS3 Animations


Css3 Animation

Animations have outrageous knockout the web market. The websites are beckoned by CSS3 Animation.

They are being used in the websites to enhance a site’s experience and make it more interactive.

Animations include background videos, motion graphics, scrolling effects, gif images, micro-interactions.


2. Parallax


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Parallax helps you to grab attention and create a certain sphere around your products.

It helps you to promote a greater chance of connecting because the innovative website trends improves the site’s desirability.

Such parallax websites provide a dynamic experience which encourages the user to stay longer on the page.









3. Typography



Typography – A beautiful art of arranging the text and making it more appealing when displayed.

Playing with fonts would be risked if you fail to choose

  • Size of the fonts
  • Vertical space between each line 
  • Deciding the hierarchy of the fonts i.e.,
  • Headings will always remain large
  • Sub-heading, usually smaller



4. Material


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Visual Language is something which you change and the users will love.

Material Design uses flat and light objects. It takes care of the user experience to increase engagement.

The best example for Material Design is “WhatsApp Web” here you can see the Interactions, Animations, Better UI/UX, Shadows, Buttons, User Engagements etc.



5. Video Headers


Image result for video headers

“Dark video with light text” is the nitty gritty of any website. It creates a great impact with good readability.

Some website add the embed code for the video which play automatically while others allow hitting the play button.

It has numerous benefits. The only drawback is that it’ll cause loading problems, which might distract the visitor from the message.



6. Icon Library


Icon Library

Icons have established its ground well in the website market.

Developers jump at making their design more eye catchy.

Icons have vector graphic, so the image is scalable without losing the quality.

The size of the image is small so it helps to load into the website faster and above that, it supports all the browsers.


7. Card Layouts


Card Layouts

Websites now being responsive, the web pages are broken into smaller parts called Card Layout.

Each card/the constituent part of the page will have information viz. title, an image, certain icons etc.

There might contain a short note/product information.

Not just websites, ecommerce has also adopted the idea of card layouts.


8. Hero Images


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Using big images has been the latest trend on the website nowadays.

It creates a great visual impact on the store visitor.

 Any artist, photographer or designer would love to display his talent in such website.

The only thing to be considered while using the Hero Images is, you need to have AMAZING IMAGES that’s it.

And yes, don’t miss to keep your website “SIMPLE”.



9. Responsive Design


Image result for responsive design checker

The optimal viewing experience makes it easy for the viewers to read the content at their ease, resizing, scrolling etc. from desktop to mobile.

It creates a great user experience and is cost-effective, recommended by Google.

It is very easy to manage as the website has one URL and HTML, regardless of the device.



10. The Hamburger Menu


The Hamburger Menu

Hamburger Menu is simply three parallel horizontal lines which are used as a button on the website.

It is usually displayed on the top left or right.

There is one simple solution if we pair the icon with the word “MENU” it will help to increase the interactions.




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