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How to Train AI Chatbots To Improve Business

How to Train AI Chatbots To Improve Business

Instabot is a conversion chatbot that understands your users, and then curates information, answers questions, captures contacts, and books meetings instantly.

Our conversational marketing and experience platform is proven to increase conversions and reduce costs.

Just as human brains require training, similarly chatbots also require training over the time.

Hence to train the chatbots for easy understanding of even the non-technical people only will bring a bright future to it.

1. Design


Visualizing the complete structure and content is essential.  

Words symbolizing greetings should be like ‘Hey,’ ‘HI,’ ‘Hello.’  Chatbots should answer that in a way to portray the description of its functions. 

Some users may start with ‘Help’ to want to know how to initiate interaction with a chatbot.  So the chatbots should provide a comprehensive answer or list out the things it is capable of helping the user.

2. Simple & Realistic User Engagement


Make the chatbot conversation as plain as possible, realistic and courteous as well for better user engagement. For a non-technical person it is of paramount importance.

Make sure that the user is not forced to adapt too much for each scenario. He might not get same monotonous response all time.

Training simple and realistic chatbots is a lot easier than complicated ones.

3. Focus On The Target Audience


For all stages of chatbot development, it is the target persona which is the focus of the developer.

The questions and answers therefore should be framed accordingly considering the targeted audience and their prospects.

The knowledge of the target audience of the chatbots is crucial. So it is necessary to collect client’s data and analyse them.

  • Hobbies
  • Preferences
  • Interests
  • Income
  • Nature of job or industry
  • Job titles

Taking help from customer care or tech support will help in understanding their main demands. 

4. Creating Categories Of Customer Intents


You can create categories to response over the request for multiple times.

The topics of the frequent customer requests include the following among others:

  • Inquiry about price
  • Time of delivery
  • Quality of a product
  • The expiry date of products

For example, many customers may be inquiring about the time of delivery. The requests regarding it may be in many forms including:

  • When will the delivery come?
  • What time can I expect delivery?
  • Will there be any delay in delivery?
  • When can I expect my parcel?

Categorize them into “Delivery” and likewise many more to train chatbots proficiently.

5. Testing Of Chatbots


For any chatbot to understand the context of the users’ conversation is crucial for making things easier for the user. 

By observing the conversation for the following key metrics and others, is the best testing method.

  • Conversational or chatbot flow
  • NLP score
  • User experience and Usability
  • Chatbot or response speed
  • Accuracy of chatbot


Many chatbots fail due to lack of awareness of the way the end users’ requirement. Hence many testing platforms and services are not available to test chatbot for its efficiency.


6. Continuously Improve Chatbots 


Chatbots are still in the stage of improvement even after launching them. The interactions with day to day additional of data may increase the chatbots capability. 

Also, the chatbots cannot connect thoughts as some of the responses will seem random and incoherent.  It will bring in more room for a lot of improvement.

It is better to regularly analyse its interactions over the time. It will enable to identify the trouble areas to fix them immediately for better performance. 

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