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Digital Marketing Trends For 2019

Digital Marketing Trends For 2019


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Marketing ideas and innovations are blooming at a breakneck. 

The developer must disclose the product with a powerful buzz. 

2019 has bought some exceptional and powerful “digital marketing trends” that roll out the customers and potential visitors at a quicker pace.

Let us discuss in detail:



1. Smart Speakers (Voice Search)


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Smart speakers like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home Pod will be at our services.

These speakers guide, advice, solve and instruct through voice command.

This point of difference have revolutionised the way search engine works.It is growing 48% Annually.



2. Video marketing


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Video marketing is powerful for promoting anything you want online, a product, service, opt-in form, website, blog.

They’ve become the nitty gritty of digital marketing.

Adding video on home page in the beginning often increases the spending time per visitor.This boosts the rank of company in SEO ranking.


  • 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter
  • 500 million hours of videos watched on YouTube every day
  • 92 % of mobile video viewers share videos
  • On Snapchat people watch 10 million videos every day.



3. Influencer Marketing


Image result for influencer marketingCertain people who have many subscribers and followers on these social media platforms are known as influencers.

The marketing and promoting of ones products using the help of famous profiles is known as influencer marketing”.

These influencers prepare a short video showing that they are actually using the product and it is quite worthy.

This give call-to-action to the followers to place an order and look like the celebrities.



4. Artificial intelligence


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With a slow change to AI, the world is getting faster and smarter with minimum human effort in the analytical aspects.

The presence of AI has increased tremendously from nowhere to everywhere.

It has empower all areas from Ecommerce till service industry.

It is pouring more and more revenue for enterprises and retailers online through enhanced accuracy and merchandising capabilities.



5. Chat Bots


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Chat Bots are saving huge amount of effort with 24 x 7 availability using these smart AI integrated Chatbots”. 

AI bot is increasing due to the simple fact that it saves the money that is used in hiring people to do the same work.

• 55% say it is easy communication
• 37% of Americans would use a chatbots to get a quick answer
• Chatbots will lead to cost savings of over $ 8 billion by 2020




6. Mobile Marketing


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Mobile marketing is one of the most conventional yet productive means of marketing.

Everyone has a cell phone these days making mobile marketing one of the important tools for strategies for a business.

Moreover, reaching out to a large number of people gets easier with the smartphone as an effective tool.




7. Email Marketing


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Email optimized marketing for the mobile will bring you 30% higher click rates.

The e-mail system now is used by the business development sector of every organization to market its products, the offers and services.

The most formal and official way of passing relevant information is often through mails.

Use an attractive subject and increase your email open rates.

  • E-mail opened by mobile devices increased by 80% worldwide
  • Estimate claims that 4.3 billion would be using e-mails by the year 2022.



8. Social messaging App


Image result for social messaging appSocial media application are really the most downloaded app.

Be it tinder, musically Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or twitter, the trend is never ending until you offer the best.

Looking over the emerging trend, Facebook and Instagram provided business pages to promote and propagate their product.

The development of social media application for Android smartphones and iOS phones (Apple phones) has given a breakthrough usage  by a large number of people.

This creates a region of opportunity for all business people to exploit to their benefit.



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